How To “Accurately” Track Your Website Visitors

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October 16, 2015
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October 30, 2015

Tracking website is not just for mass-traffic website. It’s also important for you even if your website dont have much traffic.

The different is on it’s purpose.

If you have much traffic, we need to track so that we can grouping our visitor into groups so we can adjust our website based on our visitor needs.

If you dont have much traffic, we need to track our visitors to see where exactly our visitors come from so that we can maximize the traffic. For example, if your visitors mostly came from forum, then you need to put extra effort sharing about your website on forums.

So, how to track your website accurately?

There are many ways to track your website visitors. You can hard-code using PHP programming, or you can use professional tracking services and it’s Free!

My favourite tracking service is Google Analytics because it’s very easy and handful for beginner to advance.

So what is Google Analytics?

Like it’s name, Google Analytics has founded by Google, the biggest search engine company in the world.

Google Analytics job is not only tracking how many visitors went to your website and where the traffic came from, but also they can give you amazing information. What kind of information?

They have collected so many human data already from Gmail, Google+, Youtube and else and all of them are integrated perfectly!

So, Google can show you who your visitor are, their sex, their age range and even their interest! If you can use it to the fullest, it’s gonna be amazing for you.

But I’m not gonna show you how to do it to the fullest today. Because it takes one book to teach you. So today I’ll show you how to set up your Google Analytics for your website.


Step #1 Setup your Gmail account.

Gmail is not only for mail service. Gmail account is like a portal on Google.

NB: By having Gmail account you also can access all Google Application (e.g. Google Docs and Google Drive)

Step #2 Setup your Google Analytics account.

1. Visit, click the Access Google Analytics or Create an Account button and follow the on-screen instruction.

2. Setup a property in the account you have created.

3. Follow the instruction. If you have created a property, go to Tracking Code page.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 6.58.55 pm


On that page you can see something like this:

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 7.00.54 pm

Yes, that is your tracking code. You need to copy and paste this code on whatever page you want to track. Normally I want to track all of my pages.

If you are using simple .html website, you should can do this easily. Just paste it before </body>.

But if you are using WordPress, it’s a little bit tricky. You can follow this steps: How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress for Beginner. You can skip to part “How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress”.


Tracking your visitor is really important. If you pretend to be blinded and don’t care about who are you visitors, later they also wont care about your website.

I hope that you can put tracking system on your website soon (whatever it is) because in the future I’ll share somethings about how to read your Google Analytics data.

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