I'm not kidding..

In fact, a lot of successful businesses have been using Facebook marketing for years. They realise that Facebook has human resources that they need to get more sales. So if your business don't step into Facebook marketing now, you'll might be losing your business next yet. Yet, don't be afraid. You still have time, at least for now.


Instagram has been bought by Facebook, so when I'm saying about Facebook marketing, it means both Facebook and Instagram Marketing.

Are you aware that, there are more than 132 millions people in Indonesia who are connected to the internet. It means that more than 50% population in Indonesia has “Go-Online”.

One of the best way to target these people is by using Facebook marketing, since we have over 126 million Facebook users in Indonesia, who are checking it almost daily. Facebook can be an effective tool for gaining new sales lead or to converting a sale.

You might be thinking "Well...Maybe tomorrow...", but let me tell you this:

At this moment, your competitors must have been getting more leads everyday. Spending so much money for their ads so that they can increase their sales multiple times. While you, still waiting for the right time to do Facebook ads.

But don't worry, we still have time, we still can steal their customers (legally) ONLY if you take action now.

"..but why should I come to you?"

I believe that most of you will ask this question. So that's why, let me introduce myself.

My name is Aris...

I'm an Internet Marketer Practitioner, Online Lead Generation Specialist & Online Marketing Coach. I've been helping many businesses for more than 5 years in Indonesia and Singapore, and also partnering together with Imran Md Ali (Singapore Serial Entrepreneur and United Nation speaker) and Abdul Haadi (Singapore Online Marketing Coach & Founder of Redpreneur.com). We've been doing a lot of researches, looking for the best methods, and implementing the formulas for our hundreds clients.

The reason I'm telling you this because I want to prove by showing you how you can also increase your business profits by using our methods, we call it 5-Steps Online Marketing Success.

5-Steps Online Marketing Success

This is the method that I always use for my clients in Singapore and have been proven to improve their sales (look at testimonials below). I’ve been helping more than 100 clients by using this formula.

In fact, internet marketing is easy to learn. By using this method, you will then realise how simple it is to step into internet marketing. In just short period of time you can start doing this on your own.

This is hidden secrets that you’ll find in this method:

  • How to multiple your sales by 2-3 times in just 3 months. Less effort, maximum result.
  • How to steal your competitor even though their businesses are bigger than yours.
  • How to make your business autopilot, giving you sales automatically.
  • How to make your own irresistible marketing strategy for your customers.
  • How to dominate your market by using unique marketing techniques.
  • and still have some more..

Good news,
I'm gonna reveal this formula
to you for free!

I'm offering you a FREE, no-obligation 60 minutes consultation. In this short period of time I promise that I'll share to you this 5-steps Online Marketing Success including bonuses that I'll reveal on the consultation day.

"But this is not suitable for everyone"


And I’m not just saying that. I mean it 100%.

That’s because to achieve the results you want, you need to open your mind and accept that your current methods may not be the right way. You need to be willing to take action and change, perhaps radically, to see great results. You must expand your horizons to adopt new and innovative marketing strategies that can grow your business exponentially.

If you’re not willing to do all that, I’m sorry to say this, but this is not for you.

But if you’re ready to change your business for the better, I’m also ready to guide you step-by-step and lead you on the path to business success.

For a limited time, I’m offering you a FREE 60 minute consultation where I’ll guide you on how my online marketing framework can be adapted to your business.

I’m only limiting myself to a maximum of 3 free consultations per month so I can maximize my time to help business owners who are fast-action takers.

To show that you’re committed to improving your business, stop hesitating and book a time with me now, before all the slots are taken!

If you’re ready to step up... If you’re ready to stretch and make the jump to the next level... If you feel fear and excitement at the possibilities ahead...

I’m ready to personally guide you across the dangerous wasteland of business mediocrity, to the promise land of long-term business success.

Just click the green button (for WhatsApp) or blue button (for Messenger) below to open conversation with me, send message I WANT, and we’re all set!

Your road to big profits lies await!

What They Said About Me...

Imran Md Ali Imran Md Ali, Imran Md Ali, Founder of TheProfitsAcademy, International Speaker of United Nations and Serial Entrepreneur

My 2018 Journey Will Be a Blast With Him

We have been working together in Singapore for 3 years and nothing we can’t do. We have done many marketing experiments so far and the results are never stop to amaze us! We’re starting to spread my business in Jakarta in this 2018. Looking forward to it

Dave Rogers Dave Rogers, Co-Author of Entrepreneur X-Factor Book

I’ve been working together with Aris for 2 years and it was really amazing!

Aris has been working on websites, videos and sales for about 2 years and he’s even become my mentor for creating a website.
It’s been really great to work together with Aris. If you guys have opportunity to work with him in your country, please give him a call and find out away to collaborate if you want to -not only make differences but also make you more money.

Abdul Haadi Abdul Haadi, Founder of Redpreneur

Setup My System for 2 Weeks, and Massive Leads in Just 1 Week Campaign

Before I met Aris, I had trouble getting leads for my business. In just 3 months working together with him, I managed to get massive leads in just 1 week campaign! BUT I won’t stop there. I continued the ads and the result were amazing. From this leads I managed to close nearly $80,000 SGD! Looking forward to working with you again in 2017 Aris!

Aminur Rasid Aminur Rasid, Founder of Young Muslim Scientist Edutech

Turned My Website Into A Money Dispensing Machine!

Before engaging Aris, my website was nothing but a “digital noticeboard” that nobody visitedWe were not even getting any leads from it and it was merely a repository of articles that I wrote and listing of our products and service. Then someone recommended Aris for his website services and asking me for more details about the concept of the landing page. Within three days, he was able to get my landing page up PERFECTLY, just like what I imagined – from the layout, the format, the structure, the design, colour scheme.Within a few weeks, I was able to get about 50 subscribers to get interested in what I did and the service that I was providing.

Aris definitiely had taken a huge load off my chest and shoulders through his services so that I could focus on doing things that I am passionate about in my startup and the subsequent follow up support that the provided were simply priceless. He also provided me with great advices, not only about the technicalities of things but how I can optimise the use of the landing page by sharing with marketing strategies based on his experience in as an enterpreneur. My partner and I are so pleased and assured by him that we have engaged Aris for his services for a second time in another of our new startup. A satisfied repeat customer indeed. Thank you Aris!

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